Year 7-10 Science resources

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Year 7-10 Science resources for Australian Curriculum 9.0

Our Science resources have been written to the Australian Curriculum 9.0 so you can be assured you're covering what you need to, and have all the resources ready-to-go for class. 


Build students' core skills, and make learning stick for superior results. Unlock customisable content, scaffolded learning experiences, and real-time progress tracking with free 12-week access.

Give me the goodies

Scaffold students towards senior success

Carefully designed questions and activities progressively build students' content and skills from Year 7 to 10, and put them on track for success in the senior years.

Teacher time saver

Reduce your lesson prep time

Designed to take the heavy lifting out of lesson prep by experienced Science teachers. Lesson slides, activities, skill builders and practicals, all ready-to-go. 


Live data dashboard

As a teacher you get instant learning data to monitor student progress in real-time. This helps you target your teaching more effectively by pinpointing areas where students may require additional support.

Your students will love...


Seeing how Science relates to their lives

Students won’t wonder why they’re learning Science, with real-world examples, explanations and questions that help them appreciate the role of these subjects in their lives.


Making progress and not 'staying stuck'

Fully-worked solutions for questions help students understand any errors and make progress, whether in class or at home.

Concepts explained in a way they can understand

Key concepts explained in plain language, with clear learning intentions and key words and definitions, so they are easy to understand, with questions or activities to apply their knowledge.



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